• Large Scale Mechanical Door
  • Large Scale Mechanical Door

Aircraft hangar management is responsible for providing safe working conditions for their employees. Aircraft maintenance and repair requires that technicians access upper areas of the aircraft, often working off the aircraft itself. A comprehensive review of aircraft maintenance tasks is necessary to identify existing or potential fall hazards.

OSHA requires that anyone working more than 6’ above ground level, who is not protected by a guardrail, must be otherwise tied off to a secure anchor point overhead.

Fall Protection Systems are designed to protect personnel from the risk of a fall when working at heights. Companies performing or assigning such work must have an appropriate Fall Protection System in place to protect their employees in the event of a fall.

We can help identify potential fall hazards and design an appropriate Fall Protection System that will protect your employees in the event of a fall. We design and install a variety of engineered, certified, and OSHA compliant Fall Protection Systems including:

  • Single and Multiple Cable Systems
  • Rigid Rail and Trolley Systems
  • Rail and Overhead Crane Combinations
  • Comprehensive Custom Systems

Upon completion, we provide staff training on the use, operation and maintenance of your new equipment. The cost of an accident can far exceed the cost of a Fall Protection System. The message is sent to your insurance providers, parent companies and employees that safety is not taken lightly at your facility.