Large Scale Mechanical Door

It is our policy to make certain that all aspects of our operation are conducted in the safest manner possible. Project safety must be the number one priority, uncompromised by scheduling constraints, weather, deadlines, or profit margin.

Our policy provides for a safe and healthy workplace for each employee. All employees shall not only be current on training as it applies to their particular task, but shall have a full understanding of why certain precautions must be taken when working in an industrial environment.

Our management team believes that accident prevention is the cornerstone of the safety program. Each project must be continuously examined and re-examined for hazard identification and preventive measures to minimize potential for injury. Our expectation is that all employees from the management team on down will contribute to the evolving safety program with each project we conquer. We expect every individual employed by us to uphold the workplace standards set forth by OSHA as well as those further put in place by Groome Industrial Service Group.

We believe in a 'top-down' approach to safety such that it begins with the management team. Additionally, each supervisor is responsible for the safety of their teams, each team leader is responsible for each team, and each member of the team is responsible for their own safety and the safety of those around them. The result is an accident-free environment where employees know that their well-being is the number one priority of the company.